Sally’s Lane make a range of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juices using 100% fresh-picked, locally sourced fruit, and traditional juicing methods to highlight the distinctive flavours and aromas from each grape variety. 

Husband and wife team Paul and Alana Starkie began experimenting with small batches of sparkling grape juice in 2011 at the family-owned vineyard and winery near Bridgetown. They were captivated by the fresh, intense flavours of the different grape juices as they flowed from the old wooden press, and wanted to capture this experience in a bottle.


From small beginnings they have grown the business and refined their juice-making to produce a range of four varietals - Shiraz, Sauvignon blanc, Muscat and Taminga. They follow a “less is more” approach to production, with minimal processing and additives and a focus on the quality, ripeness, and careful handling of the fruit before it reaches the shed.


The Sally’s Lane juice factory now operates from Manjimup in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia - a place of raw natural beauty, towering trees and pristine soil and water.


Join us on our journey - from grape to glass.

Who is Sally?

Paul's great grandparents, Robert George and Sarah Anne Starkie were some of the original farmers in the Middlesex area, just south of Manjimup, about 10 years before the group settlement days of the 1920's. Known widely as Bob and Sally, they ran a dairy farm and delivered their own milk by horse and cart to people in Middlesex and Manjimup every morning. Bob was also an excellent horseman, while Sally was known as one of the best cooks in the valley, and together they raised 8 children.


Sally Starkie was born a Towie, and grew up on the family farm on Towie Road in Middlesex. Over 100 years and 4 generations later, Paul and Alana Starkie now own the property that adjoins the original Towie Road farm where Sally grew up. They decided to name their farm "Sally's Lane" in memory of Sally and the 4 generations of Starkies that have lived and farmed in the Middlesex area.